Thursday, 1 November 2012

Author Interview: Hannah Braime on The Ultimate Guide To Journaling

Hannah is a regular contributor to the Psychology Book Club podcast and has just released a brilliant new book called The Ultimate Guide to Journaling. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in journaling. Whether you are new to the concept of journaling or a seasoned journaler, this book contains tips, techniques, and over 100 journaling suggestions and prompts that will take your journaling practice to new levels. Journaling is an important personal development tool that helps us deepen our connection with ourselves and expand our self-awareness. Find out more about Hannah and her work on her website,

Podcast Episode


  1. Hey Jake I have a book club suggestion that I know fans of RTR will love:

    Getting Real: Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life
    by Susan Campbell

    It's basically a practical guide on how to take more risks and achieve more authenticity in your relationships including sample scripts and strategies on how to transform already existing shallow relationships into more authentic ones. It also includes ways on how to revise previous statements and commitments so you can get out of lies and habits you've been using to maintain shallow relationships.

    btw the book was so great that I bought her other books thinking they would be of the same level (I was particularly interested in her one about authenticity in the work place) but they all sucked. This is the only gem in the bunch so don't make the mistake I did thinking her other books would be good based on the quality of this book.

    1. Hey Anonymous, thanks again for the great suggestion, we are doing that book next!

  2. Sounds great- thanks very much for the suggestion!